3 Temmuz 2009 Cuma


Pina Bausch's work was the first "contemporary" choreography I felt I understood. She somehow found a way to reflect reality, or at least show in movements and metaphors, a view on real life, on real relationships. Compared to classical dance, where men and women were pushed in specific and limited archetypes, her work touched me deeply as I recognised the tensions, the issues she was handling in her pieces. It moved me to tears, every time I saw something of hers.

She inspired me to this day to do what I do as a choreographer. She made me, through her art, believe in asking questions, and dancing the answers away, forever searching for a moment of grace. I was blessed in meeting her a couple of times and was invited to dance at her festival in Germany. I will cherish those moments of seeing her think, seeing her energy, and how she tried to make everyone feel welcome and taken care of. She had so much clarity and kindness, such power and vision, so much mystery also.

It's a great loss to have her pass away, and a lot of tears have been shed since the sad news. I was struck by how extremely sad and empty I felt when I heard she left us. Death is not a new thing for me, yet I felt lost hearing of her passing away. In many ways, Pina was such a powerful inspiration, such a beacon, it's like we are all her children. Suddenly we have to wake up and realise we have to become grownups and handle reality on our own, it's a difficult shift to make for everyone staying behind.

My heart goes out to her family and to all her dancers and company members, to everyone in Wuppertal. I wish them a lot of courage in these difficult times. Pina leaves us with an incredible oeuvre, limitless inspiration and a vision of dance as a reflection of human lives, of human feelings, of human struggle. She will dance on forever in all our hearts, in our memories, in our bodies, in our movements. Let's all keep (or start!) dancing to honour her. I feel she would have liked that ... to see us all unite in dance.

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

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