3 Ağustos 2009 Pazartesi

pulling a mobile cinema through the scottish highlands

"It was very easy to start fantasising about the idea that you can set up your own little world in really quite far-flung places; that was really attractive," said Swinton. "I think it's really just a little imaginative leap to pulling it yourself."

The idea for a portable festival, with a core group of "fellow travellers" pulling the cinema between screenings, came after Swinton and Cousins staged the Ballerina Ballroom film festival in an old bingo hall in Nairn last year. A major success, it was a one-off event. The Pilgrimage film festival is the follow-up, part odyssey, part guerrilla cinema. It is based in part on Swinton's experience of watching a travelling cinema in a remote part of Kenya in 1979, when a cowboy movie was screened on a sheet nailed to a tree.

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